Our Beliefs


Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation through God’s Wisdom

Mission Statement

We must continue to advance God’s Kingdom by educating believers and pre-believers to lead and build wealth through God’s wisdom. We aim to integrate Christianity values into the commercial world and inspire leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and investors who lead, create wealth and prosper by applying God’s words. Ultimately, we want to create a platform for all to walk in God’s path with faith.

Core Values/Objectives

  1. To inspire leaders and entrepreneurs to lead and run their businesses by applying God’s wisdom, taking good care of their employees and developing their employees’ potential in the course of their business venture.
  2. To inspire managers to lead and manage their team through God’s wisdom to bring out their fullest potential and looking after their welfare, thus producing results through team synergy.
  3. To educate investors to build wealth through God’s wisdom and not to believe in “free lunches” in the pursuit of prosperity.
  4. To educate that the building of wealth must be through legal, ethical means and in accordance to God’s value.
  5. To educate that God wants believers to be prosperous. God’s values can be integrated in today’s commercial world. It need not be at the expense of either value.
  6. To inspire believers and pre-believers to generously contribute to the needy in the society in their pursuit of wealth.
  7. To educate believers that our wealth is from God and we must continue to contribute back to God to advance God’s Kingdom.

Goals for GIMC

  1. To be an organisation to supplement churches’ teachings in the area of “Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation through God’s Wisdom”.
  2. To educate and promote that it is in the Bible that God wants us to prosper. It is possible to merge both Christianity and commercial values.
  3. To be an organisation that contributes in advancing God’s Kingdom.
  4. To convert pre-believers to believers through this platform.
  5. To be profitable in order to be self-sustaining and also to build up strong reserves to re-invest in Young Entrepreneurship School (YES) in East Asia.
  6. To help spread Christianity and advance God’s Kingdom in East Asia.
  7. To promote a platform through YES in China for mission work there.


We position ourselves as an organisation to supplement our usual church participation and activities. It is to fill the gap. Churches are excellent in teaching God’s words to integrate into believers’ way of life, family values, individual lifestyles, beliefs etc. However, very often marketplace practitioners from the commercial environment may have a better understanding of the needs and concerns of the commercial world. In view of this, this platform fills the gap by educating believers and pre-believers in this area of concern through marketplace practitioners on how to apply God's words in the commercial world.

GIMC aims to supplement these teachings to the usual sermons, educations and trainings of churches.
GIMC is run as a non-profit organisation.