Peter Poh K.T 傅啟德

Co-founder / COO

Mr. Peter Poh has been very active in the commercial & industrial real estate in Singapore. He manages various businesses that specialise in commercial & industrial investments, investments trainings and real estate funds, making him a true entrepreneur. He is an asset partner of David Poh in commercial & industrial real estate investment consultancy in Singapore.

Peter is also one of the top realtors in PropNex and in the industry with more than 12 years of experience. He has sold more properties than many realtors in the industry. His expertise is in the marketing of commercial & industrial real estate. His abilities, determination and selling skills are key factors in getting investors’ properties marketed successfully with the best returns. He co-leads PropNex’s largest team – David Poh & Associates, and also trains and mentors many investors and agents in the course of his career.

Prior to joining real estate, Peter spearheaded a department in a Japanese electronics company and travelled extensively.

傅啟德先生 一直都很活跃于新加坡商业和工业房地产行业。他致力于管理不同的企业与商业地产销售精英团队,包括商业投资、投资课程培训以及房地产基金等等。他管理各项业务,让他成为真正的企业家。他是傅啟汶先生在新加坡商业及工业房地产投资顾问的重要合作伙伴。

傅啟德先生 也是 PropNex(博纳)顶尖房地产经纪人并在行业拥有超过18年的经验。

他的专长是在商业和工业地产的营销。他的能力让投资者成功得到最好的回报。他参与领导PropNex(博纳)最大的团队 – David Poh & Associates公司,并且在他的职业生涯里还培训和教导不少投资者和中介。


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